shot gun

  1. For Sale: Benelli 828U Silver 12b Stunning Wood

    Benelli 828U Field Silver - £1,450 12g, 30” barrels, 3” Superior Steel Shot Proof. One of the nicest, stunning pieces of wood I’ve seen on an 828U and in great condition. In the case with all of the original bits and chokes. Cleverly engineered gun which can be altered to fit with shims like...
  2. For Sale: Caesar Guerini Magnus

    Selling my caesar guerini Magnus it’s immaculate, it’s been well looked after by myself ever since I bought it NEW back in 2019. 15” stock 32” barrels multi choke steel approved. Selling due to being offered a perazzi. £1900
  3. Sold: Hatsan 12b Pump Action Black Synthetic Sgc

    Hello all, I want to get rid of my Hatsan pump as I do not shoot it. The gun is in good condition, no problems; 12b 2+1 28'' barrel 3'' chamber Comes with 6 chokes, cylinder, 1/4,1/2 x2, 3/4, full. Stock spacers and shims. Also has a Velcro side saddle but that can be taken off. Nice...
  4. help.... in the borders

    hello sorry to be a pain... but just got a phone call and asked to go shooting first thing and have no ammo...... does any one have any 12g shot gun cartridges i could buy arround the jedburgh area before the morning?
  5. Shotshell Reloading

    I am currently buying 1000 28g fiber wads in 7.5 in 12 bore for £165. Mainly to be used in sporting clay shooting. Usage is about 1000 every 6 weeks. Is anyone a current regular shotshell loader and can you indicate if it is financially worth me starting to reload 12b. I have no equipment but...