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  1. For Sale: 2018 Version of ShotKam - Brand New - 12G with Mount

    Ive got a couple of Shotkams up for sale. They come with a 12 gauge mount for over/under or semi automatic. Other mounts are available if required (410, 20G, 12G SxS) I did a large bulk buy to keep the price down and have some left. Price is £600 per unit all in. They are brand new and unused...
  2. Sold: 2018 Version of ShotKam - Brand New

    I bought 4 ShotKams from the US to get a better price (although I still paid VAT and DUTY). I have kept one myself and 2 others have been sold on via facebook marketplace leaving just this one left. Someone else has just sold one on ebay for £600 plus £15 post for a USED one. You can see...
  3. Shotkam

    Anyone know where you can buy these in UK? Have looked on line but only place appears to be USA. Cheers P
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