sika stalking

  1. GIMLET61

    Wanted: Syndicate space for Sika.

    Good day all, looking for a syndicate place on ground that contains Sika. prefer in the south of the country if anyone can assist me please but won't discount offers from elsewhere in UK. Thanks
  2. B

    Hello from the Highlands

    New on here so here I am ! do a lot of lowland stalking with 25-06 and 22-250 and .17. Lucky enough to have red,sika and roe and plenty vermin. Looking forward to getting the banter on here .
  3. A

    Available: sika stag stalking availlable

    Sika stag stalking available, also red stag roe and fallow to be gotten, ross shire and highlands pm if interested, accommodation etc.
  4. A

    Available: Cull training stalking red stags and sika,

    :-dculling stags to be got £250 and sika stags £275,£100 per outing without success shooting area between fort augustus and glengary, pm me for your interest and booking,