silver pigeon

  1. OISÍN

    Wanted: Silver pigeon 20b or 28b - junior stock

    As posted, looking for a silver pigeon for a junior in either 20 bore or 28 bore with 28 inch barrels and a shorter 13" stock, would like a raised comb, but can accommodate that at a letter stage, I have a new W&S 20 bore junior that is too heavy for my daughter, so would like to trade that in...
  2. W

    Sold: Beretta Silver Pigeon S

    As title 28 inch barrels multichoke 12 gauge. Cracking gun, Comes with hard case choke key and 5 chokes. Beretta Xplor slip, good condition just a little small for me and selling to fund a bigger one! lop 14 1/4 inches. It has a few marks on and a very slight piece of wood from the stock missing...
  3. M

    Shotgun fit and Silver Pigeon wanted

    Hi all, I (think) I'm after a silver pigeon in 12g. I'm a novice shotgun shooter and had a lesson with a very experienced family friend the other day, who as it turns out is a shooting instructor. He recommended I get a gun that fits me properly and amongst others suggested the Beretta 686. He...