1. Sold: Swaro SLC 10x42HD - £600.00

    I have for sale a set of Swaro SLC 10x42HD's they were traded in against a set of EL Ranges today. I want £600 for them. Cracking Bins. Condition is excellent. Location is Bristol but happy to post via UPS Any questions PM or email me Cheers, Dan#2
  2. Swarovski SLC 7x42 or 8x50

    I am looking to upgrade my binoculars and get pair of Swarovski's. I have narrowed the choice down to either the SLC 7x42 or 8x50's. Now my problem is that I have tried a couple of pairs of 7x42's and they were very good. However none of my friends own or the local dealers have in stock 8x50's...
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