sound moderator

  1. dmouland

    For Sale: Brand new Stalon W110 Moderator M14 X 1 cheap £145.00

    SALE Brand new and unused with box M14 x 1 thread Proofed for use with: .222, 223, 22-250, 243. bargain at £145.00 (rrp £270) One off offer Add £15 for RFD to RFD charge. Excellent quality moderators Brand new item, no issues.
  2. MikeZZZ

    Is anyone aware of current difficulties taking moderators to South Africa?

    I've just heard from a fellow hunter going to South Africa in May that he has been told that hunters currently arriving at J-berg airport with a moderator on their rifle are experiencing difficulties getting approval to take them through customs (April 2018). I've seen and heard nothing on this...
  3. dmouland

    Sold: .222 rifle

    I'm just waiting on my variation to come back with my .222 rifle and mod slots. Could be a few weeks or a month or two. I'm looking for an RFD with a reasonably priced threaded (1/2 x 20 UNF) rifle or rifle with moderator fitted. Or someone with such a rifle in the Sussex area. Will consider...
  4. V

    Sold: 30 cal T8 Sound Moderator

    I have for sale a 30 cal proofed T8 sound moderator with 1/2 " thread,have had roughly .ca 100-150 rounds through it price £125+RFD CHARGES Pictures to follow