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  1. Available: Cull Trip Springbok 50+ £40 each wildebeest cow 15 £100 each day fee £90

    2 - 4 wanted for a cull trip . 50 + springbok and 15 wildebeest have to go before end Sept . Costs £40 a springbok cheaper than some pheasant shoots £100 a wilderbeest . Day costs vehicle guide skinners and trackers £180 between 2 guns . extra guns £90 .Fly to Cape Town can be via Joburg. Great...
  2. Available: Anybody want to Shoot Driven springbok next End May June 350 Rand each

    Hi anybody want to shoot driven Springbok in South Africa next year may -end June 2019 . I am paying 350 Rand each this year thats £20 each . We are organising a team for next year 2 South Africans me and 3-5 more required to make team 6-8 . We are looking to shoot 100 per gun over 3 or 4 days ...
  3. Available: Springbok and Zebra 50 Of each must be culled Cape Town June 25th

    50 Springbok £20 each must be culled this June 25th and 50 Zebra as well . £100 a day costs vehicle and trackers skinners guide. It does not get cheaper than this guys . Cape Town area Pm me if your free . Please allow for response as out shooting other areas in SA
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