1. Land change

    After shooting a few different permissions, I'm looking for a change now and again. Would anyone be interested in shooting each other permissions every now and again for a new challenge? Sorry all all my land is based in Kent but I don't mind a bit of travel if you didn't lol Many thanks alan
  2. Wanted: Issues with stolent bait from trap (beginner)

    Hello all! Hope this is in the right section... I have a live capture trap set up in my garden to deal with pesky squirrels. I have used peanut butter etc to bait it, kept it raised off the ground using small plant pots, covered with a bin liner and weighted down with a rock on top. However...
  3. What stripped the Squirrel like this?

    Just found this in the pheasant pen. Backbone stripped clean and all the guts gone. Any thoughts as to what ate so efficiently? Thanks