1. J

    Swap: Wanted UK hunting - Avail great NZ hunting

    Hi all, bit of along shot but worth putting it out there I thought. The family farm in New Zealand has access to and backs onto public mountains/alps with red deer, tahr, chamois, ducks, geese, trout and salmon. It's pretty remote type hunting in alpine mountains when you get up top but a...
  2. D

    Available: Sika Stalking in the Scottish Borders

    Hi Folks due to a couple of cancellations we have some stag stalking available we also have days at the hinds, Also if you have booked please contact us as some people have not put there name on the bank transfer when booking If your interested email for information
  3. A

    Trail cameras

    I'm a huge fan of trail cameras, a sort of hidden spy that can sit dormant for hours, days, weeks even months. I've been using them for the last 5 or 6 years, one thing I find incredible about them is you can put them in an area you frequently visit, and it will still turn up surprises, such as...
  4. 2428 miles

    180 grain SST too much for a Red Stag?

    Hi all. Does anyone have any real world experience of how the 180 grain Hornady SST performs of Red deer when shot from .30-06? They worked well on Boar but mildly concerned they may not fully expand on Highland Stags... Thanks in advance, Miles
  5. HarrisonDeerServices

    Advice needed, Red skull attachment to shield

    After this skull has been whitened I will be looking to mount his on a shield, however i'm not to sure on the methods used. I was thinking of a strong glue but due to the weight this is a non starter! Can someone point me in the right direction or share your experiences? Also I'm looking for a...
  6. K

    Wanted: ESSEX - Roebuck - Muntjac - Stack hunting wanted

    Hi There I really looks for the opportunities for hunting in Essex area as I am in Braintree, business related, very often. I am looking for Rowbucks - Stags and for Muncjacs - whenever ther is season for the different animals. I am not a trophee hunter going for big trophees - I am looking...
  7. norma 308

    Managed to drop the prices for Deer and Field Sports Prints

    We found another local supplier to do our printing, and because he's local, we have been able to drop the price of our prints significantly! The prints will be supplied on Hahnemühle fine art papers ensuring you get the very best quality of reproduction. If you have a commission of a pet done...