1. Wanted: 1860/1/2 .44 BP pistol in stainless or nickel-plated

    Like this but not necessarily fluted
  2. Sold: New Custom Tikka T3 .223Rem £795

    A used Stainless Tikka T3 action with a new and recently fitted/proofed 22" stainless heavy profile Sassen 1 in 8 twist barrel. Threaded 18 x 1. Had proofing loads plus 60 rounds, a brand new unit. Originally done by Edinburgh Rifles. So this is a barreled action including trigger unit with...
  3. For Sale: Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic .243, Minox combo

    Hi folks For sale is my great condition Sako 75, .243 Stainless synthetic. 5 round detachable magazine Comes wearing a mint Minox ZX5i 3-15 x 56 IR scope and Wildcat Evo moderator. Allround really good condition. Ive shot 1/4MOA with my varmint load 65grn Vmax. Shoots all the way upto and...
  4. For Sale: Tikka T3 Varmint .223

    Hi I have for sale my tikka T3 Varmint in .223. Round count is approx 500. Twist 1:8. Comes with 1 mag, tier one 0moa base, and wildcat evolution moderator, only 100 rounds through. Looking for 850
  5. For Sale: Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM

    For sale: Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) muzzle-threaded 1/2UNF, bedded into Boyd's Laminate thumbhole stock (Pepper) with a basic adjustable butt-plate. Round count when I bought it was 300 (he logged his brass's reloading cycles) and I've added another 125...
  6. Faint ring near muzzle on Sako A7 stainless?

    Picked up a brand new Sako A7 a couple of weeks ago, its a medium weight fluted stainless barrel, threaded at the factory. Was just wiping it down last night when I noticed what looked like a faint dark ring on the outside about 5mm down from the threaded end, its not perfectly round - kind of...
  7. New sako 85

    Got my new sako 85 finnlight .308 stainless synthetic zeroed in and ready to well pleased with it. best wedding present ever defiantly better than a ring. Bring on the does. :-D:-D