1. Sold: Tikka T3/T3X stainless extended Britannia Picatinny Rail £65

    Private sale Used Britannia Stainless Steel extended rail for Tikka T3 or T3X Cost was £140 Selling for £65 posted
  2. Sold: 22wmr Ruger 77/22 All Weather

    Ruger 77/22 all weather in 22wmr. Rifle is in good condition with a comfy functional stock, stainless action and barrel screw cut 1/2unf. This is a nice short little rifle which makes it very pointable and would be a great truck gun. Trigger is light, crisp and predictable and it groups about...
  3. Sold: Sako 85 S Varmint Laminated Stainless in .243

    Hi, I'm selling my Sako 85 S, Varmint Laminated in stainless steel in .243. I have not fired it in 3.5 years since leaving Scotland. My estimate is less than 500 rounds through it mostly at the range, and it is in excellent condition. Muzzle is factory threaded M18, thread protector is...
  4. For Sale: Optilock 1" Low rings

    Optilock 1" Low rings, stainless (satin finish), good condition............ £40 posted
  5. Faint ring near muzzle on Sako A7 stainless?

    Picked up a brand new Sako A7 a couple of weeks ago, its a medium weight fluted stainless barrel, threaded at the factory. Was just wiping it down last night when I noticed what looked like a faint dark ring on the outside about 5mm down from the threaded end, its not perfectly round - kind of...
  6. For Sale: Customised Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stainless in 243 calibre inc moderator & spares

    Customised Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stainless in 243 calibre inc moderator & spares I am reluctantly selling my first rifle, bought new in 2011 as I always reach for the 308 nowadays and it sadly does not get any use. It is in 243 calibre and the heavy stainless steel barrel varmint T3 model...
  7. New sako 85

    Got my new sako 85 finnlight .308 stainless synthetic zeroed in and ready to well pleased with it. best wedding present ever defiantly better than a ring. Bring on the does. :-D:-D