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  1. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Percussion Savane Hunting Jacket with Detachable Sleeves

    £44.99 + £7.14 P&P 1x XL 1x XXL Suitable for hot and dry weather - ideal for summer stalking!! The zip on the detachable sleeves is fully hidden. There is no obvious clue that the jacket can be transformed into a hunting vest. The padding on the shoulders cushions the recoil of the weapon...
  2. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Spring Stalking Tradition Jacket

    This coat is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is DWR treated 100% polyester lining which make is perfect for spring The jackets have shoulder pads, elasticated waist, hand warmer pockets, large side pockets with two rows of integrated cartridge belts (BBs and shot), back pocket ring...
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    Swazi Clothing

    Has anyone got any experience using Swazi gear, have looked at a few options and some of their stuff looks pretty good the shops? I fancy one of the smocks, any feedback from Swazi owners?