stalking wanted

  1. J


    Good morning! I’m not new to stalking but am new to the area and have been shooting for over twenty years. I live near Beverley, East Riding of Yorks and I am looking to establish some friends that share my interests in stalking and shooting. I’ve recently moved back to the area following a...
  2. R

    Wanted: Wild boar France (Stalking)

    Hi all, I am looking to book some wild boar stalking in SW France in September / October this year. Does anyone have any personal experience or recommendations for guides or outfitters? Some of the prices I am coming up with are eye-watering, and very much aimed at the luxury end of the market...
  3. G


    How do! I’m a new member from Lancs area. Interests in stalking, pest control and some target shooting for rifles and game/pest/clay for shotguns. Have most stuff covered but finding days out on the deer (particularly up north) without Remortgaging can be a challenge! Hoping to find a bit of...
  4. Ozalid

    Wanted: Looking for syndicate opportunity for 2018

    Although relatively new to deer stalking, I am an experienced rifle shot, having held part one firearms for around 40 years, I've been buying stalking days this year and into next and its proving to be costly to maintain in the amount of outings I would like to do, so in the interests of world...
  5. T

    Wanted: Syndicate place - Glos / Wilts borders

    Hi everyone, I was in a wonderful position, as a relative newcomer to stalking a friend had a couple of pieces of ground over which there were Muntjac, Roe and a large herd of Fallow to be found. Then, and without a 'by your leave' he decides to get a job at the other end of the country and...
  6. alimufti

    Wanted: A weeks deer stalking wanted for multiple species

    I am interested in a weeks deer stalking in mid to end October 2016 for areas where multiple species might be taken. I do not mind basic accommodation etc and would rather spend on more animals and am not adverse to any trophies if i come across them. Am additionally flexible to try out far...
  7. S

    Wanted: Deer stalking Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire

    Hi Chaps, Myself and my shooting partner are looking to for some deer stalking and pest control rights in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and surrounding areas. More than happy to pay, lease, or join a syndicate. More than happy to carry out any work, fencing, digging etc. We have our own high...
  8. P

    Hello to all Hi,as a new member

    Hi, I'm Paul, I live in South Staffordshire, I work as a Tree Surgeon and have been Deer Stalking for around 20 years and absolutely adore it - had some great fun and really exciting challenges over those years. I still stalk, although the land over which I shoot is shrinking fast as the land...
  9. O

    New Member looking for Stalking syndicate

    Have a been involved in shooting for as long as I can remember good few years stalking under my belt, Have recently moved to Buckinghamshire/ Northamptonshire area. Looking for dear stalking syndicates / permissions and or vermin control in the local county already a member of two syndicates...
  10. M

    Wanted: Looking for deer stalking opportunities in Gloucestershire/Wiltshire

    hi guys, me and my son are looking for deer stalking outings for: cull roe, muntjack, fallow and /or red deer. i am not looking for big trophys but cull bucks and does. Who can offer us something? marc
  11. C

    New to the forum looking for contacts in the midlands/welsh borders

    Hello, My names James living in Shropshire started stalking last year got a good guide that takes people stalking for a fee.Looking to make more time for stalking and getting involved with stalking people this year want to do as much as I can without the costs getting too high.Im a plant...
  12. B

    Wanted: Deer Stalking nr Aberdeen 9th-12th Dec 2013

    Hi All, I know this is fairly short notice but if you don’t ask you don’t get. My shooting buddy and I are heading up to Aberdeen from Manchester on the 8/12/13 for a mornings work on the 9/12/13, we then have a few days to spare before needing to return to Manchester on Thursday 12/12/13, we...
  13. G

    Wanted: Roebuck stalking

    Hi. I want to hunt roebuck in scottland in may/june. Are there anyone who rent out stalking on that time? If there are some one, please answer me. Anders
  14. L

    Wanted: Stalking wanted in Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex or Berkshire

    Hi, I have my DSC1 and am three quarters of the way through DSC2; I've been stalking for 4/5 years (mix of accompanied and unaccompanied) and have cleanly culled 29 deer in that time. I'm looking for a syndicate or permission (for which I'm willing to pay) to stalk within 1-2 hours drive of NW...
  15. N

    Hi from Germany!

    Hi all! I would like to wish you all a happy new year and take the opportunity to introduce myself. I signed up to this forum because I come to Scotland with my familiy (Glasgow) on a regular basis and love the idea of stalking. I live in Germany myself where I also hunt. Unfortunately hunting...