1. dmouland

    For Sale: New Hawke Vantage scopes

    3-9 x 40 Non-IR (1''tube) - £42.50 Mildot AO 3-9 x 50 IR (1'' tube) - £65.00 Mildot AO Parcelforce 24hour £7.50
  2. 5

    Stalking with a roe sack.

    Hi all, My birthday wasn’t all that long ago, and my wife surprised me by getting me a roe sack as a present. I’ve often wondered about the potential benefits of using one, and as I now have the kit it would seem a shame not to give it a go. However, it has pretty wide and reinforced shoulder...
  3. Tulloch

    Another first for another person this year.

    I enjoy stalking , I have been involved in stalking since I was just young. Not many people know that my father was an assistant stalker and farm hand, my grandfather (my mothers father) was a shepherd who use to shoot gees and was a stalker in the borders. My other grandfather used to enjoy...
  4. dmouland

    A lovely evening tracking...never said by anyone!

    A lovely night of tracking... never said by anyone! We had a 10hour stalking and highseat session in some Sussex woodland yesterday. Baking hot day and a nice cool breeze and chill as it cooled down towards sunset. I hear a shot not far from my seat as my pal isn't far away in another seat. I...
  5. 5

    Remote Hill Stalking

    Hi all, A brief bit of background as to why I’m asking this question: A friend of mine acquired a fairly small, but remote, piece of stalking in Scotland last year. He’s asked me to get involved with it this year, as he was attempting to do it independently, but found it a bit daunting given...
  6. dmouland

    For Sale: Baikal single shot .243 £175.00

    Break barrel baikal in .243 win Non threaded, good crown and bore, tight. Lovely wood stock with ammo holder and a twist effect on the barrel which seems similar to the steyr mannlicher series. £175.00 and £25 rfd to rfd charge if applicable. Collection also welcome. Sussex area.
  7. R

    I Want Your Opinion: How Effective is Deer Management in the UK?

    How effective do you think deer management is in the UK? I want to hear your thoughts. I am in my second year at Askham Bryan Agricultural College in York studying Countryside Management, 19 years old, carrying out a personal research project aimed at gauging the opinions on the effectiveness of...
  8. G

    Swap: Looking for Stalking (Deer& Fox) near Birmingham & Reading.

    I have just moved to Birmingham and I really want to get out at weekends. I have my own Rifles& Shotguns. I work in London and my brother lives in Reading so that would also work. I have any type of shooting in Aberdeenshire Scotland that I can swap (Duck, Goose, Roe, Red ( near Thurso)...
  9. Paul Baleta

    Available: Bushmaster Safaris

    Hunting in the South African bush... Authentic - Join us for a true bushveld hunting experience. Personal - Family-run and hands-on from your enquiry through your safari experience to your return home. Unforgettable - Comfortable accommodation, excellent food, beautiful scenes, magnificent...

    Available: WILD BOAR AND RED HIND STALKING SEPT OCT 2019 with write up from2018

    Stalking available in Serbia woods for Wild Boar and Red Deer (small Stags and Hinds ) 3 days Stalking 5 day trip in Sept and Oct various Dates available . £711 for the 3 Days, 2 days is £505 this year plus animals Small Boar £47 Red Hind £86 Small Stag £96 This years prices.2019 will be 3-5...
  11. dmouland

    Sold: Nightforce 3-12 x 56 SHV Scope

    Brand New boxed Nightforce SHV 3-12 x 56 Scope IHR reticle (non-illuminated) MOA Scope 2nd Focal Plane 30mm tube Nightforce created for the European market. Use one myself, very good scope - clear, good in low light and recoil resistant. Clear cut and simple crosshair design for foxing and...
  12. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi all, I have an empty 308 slot I fancy filling with one of the following, .Howa Varmint barrel in Berzerk stock .Mannlicher Steyr Cl, Sl,or stutzen .Sako 75 As you can see I’m a man of wide tastes...long range foxing weapon, or classy stalking to suggestions It will be a...
  13. B

    New member introduction

    Hi All, I am a new member from Lancashire. Very interested in getting involved in this group. Looking for contacts and friends to go stalking with. I am a novice at stalking, but experienced in wildfowling, vermin control and clay shooting and I am wanting to progress to deer stalking, and would...
  14. kimh

    For Sale: Scout Rifle 243 for sale

    Styer Scout in 243, fluted/full set of butt spacers/built-in bi-pod/fab safety system/spare mag in stock etc Vortex scout crossfire II 2-7x32 scope on a forward mount rail (this had a mark on it when delivered, I polished it out...
  15. T

    Help please...

    Dear all, I am hoping some of you maybe able to donate a few minutes of your time, to help me complete my Masters dissertation ? I am in the process of undertaking an assessment of the factors that affect the marketing of deerstalking in England. Part of this study includes a short survey...
  16. 5

    Hoist/Winch or carcass carrying alternatives.

    Hi all, I’m looking for some help regarding the above. I shot two fairly large Fallow bucks the other day, (53kg and 75kg gralloched, head and feet removed), and despite having shot a few large beasts before, for the first time I found myself having a bit of grief getting them into the back of...

    Available: Monster Red Stags available in the Sept Rutt Turkey Driven Wild Boar trip also avail 21-30 th of Sept Red stag Rutt monster stag available see picture on link 6000 euros approx £5400 We are running a wild boar trip before 17th shooting 3 days £2200 unlimited wild boar no trophy Fees WE ARE ON THE WAY...
  18. J

    Wanted: Shooting opportunities in East Midlands

    Hi guys. Just moved to Nottingham direction and hoping to find some local shooting. Deer syndicate would be very nice but unrealistic at this stage so even any accompanied would work. Much appreciated James.
  19. 5

    High Seat Plans or Suggestion.

    Hi all, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to put up a few seats on one of my permissions. I’m ideally thinking about trying to make something like a fully enclosed box seat and was just wondering if anybody had any plans I could work from or even just suggestions or links for where I...
  20. Z


    Hi All, Joined the forum today to learn from all the other experienced members. I have recently taken up stalking so plenty to learn. Got my FAC certificate some time back and have been spending time on the range with my .308 Based out of Berkshire I am quite keen to see if there are any...