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    Swap: Looking for Stalking (Deer& Fox) near Birmingham & Reading.

    I have just moved to Birmingham and I really want to get out at weekends. I have my own Rifles& Shotguns. I work in London and my brother lives in Reading so that would also work. I have any type of shooting in Aberdeenshire Scotland that I can swap (Duck, Goose, Roe, Red ( near Thurso)...
  2. Paul Baleta

    Available: Bushmaster Safaris

    Hunting in the South African bush... Authentic - Join us for a true bushveld hunting experience. Personal - Family-run and hands-on from your enquiry through your safari experience to your return home. Unforgettable - Comfortable accommodation, excellent food, beautiful scenes, magnificent...
  3. dmouland

    For Sale: Nightforce 3-12 x 56 SHV Scope - New

    Still here at £599.99, best price around.
  4. TheCornishman

    Wanted: 308 outfit Cornwall

    Hi, are you sorted yet? I have a Sako 85 synthetic stainless that's not seeing much daylight.
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    New member introduction

  6. kimh

    For Sale: Scout Rifle 243 for sale

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    Help please...

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    Gary Cooper - introduction

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  12. dmouland

    For Sale: Harris Bipod