1. Wanted: Easter shooting or stalking?

    Hello everyone! If you are going shooting or stalking during the Easter break and you need some assistance or just want some companion during it- I am your man! Don't have a rifle, but I am very keen to spend some time outdoors, as I mn in London on daily basis. Thanks in advance!
  2. Introduction (Northern Ireland)

    Hello, Where do you start. 29, From Northern Ireland. Always had an interest in deer stalking from a young age, being out with my dad creeping about the forests at stupid o clock in the morning. (still out at stupid o clock - 4:30am left the house at last saturday :cuckoo:) Had an excellent...
  3. Available: Syndicate places - - Roe Stalking near Inverness.

    Stalking Syndicate places 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 I have Syndicate places available for unaccompanied Stalkers in the Carse of Ardersier near Inverness. 2,500 acres mixed forestry and arable. Roe Deer only. Price is £750 for one year or Standing order/direct debit of £70 per...
  4. .243 Rounds in 70-75gr fragmentable tip wanted Sussex

    Hi all, I am struggling to find the above ammunition for my .243. I'm looking to buy 100 rounds of 70gr or 75gr vmax, sst or ballistic tip ammunition. I'm based in East Sussex, near Brighton. If anyone has any they are willing to sell, I have cash waiting and I'm also happy to pay for fuel.
  5. What ideas do you have for the Ideal waterproof Smock?

    We are looking for your ideas/suggestions because you guys are the ones using them. What do you look for? - Longer back? - How many pockets and where? - Detachable hood? - What style cuffs? - Whats the best smock out there at the moment?
  6. Wanted: Exeter/West Country - Deer Stalking - Wed 26/10 - Fri 28/10

    Recognise that this is very short notice - but business is taking me to Exeter for an event on Thursday evening. Would like to get a stalk in around that time either on the Wednesday PM, Thursday AM, Friday AM &/or PM (or more than 1 stalk if available). Please PM me, if by chance you could...
  7. Sold: Swarovski SLC 7x42

    Selling as I am going to upgrade to EL Ranges. Perfect Glass No damage Crystal clear imagines - everything you would expect from Swarovski £600 Inverness
  8. For Sale: Complete .308 Stalking rifle Mod scope and kit

    FREE STALKING RIFLE when you buy Ideal Complete setup. DEVON Brit classic Midland Gun Company Springfield action .308 It can achieve 1 moa with cheep PPU 150gn SP. (3 shots from cold) The general condition is 'well used' but it has some nice wood on the stock and nice 'old skool' quality...
  9. For Sale: Tabard Bug Spray and Sticks

    This is a Tabard stick that we sell. It used by us at Deer Stalking in England Ltd for when we are out stalking, its a must have to keep bugs and insect away. I have 10 left of each. This is the aerosol...
  10. Wanted: Red/ Fallow/Sika culling Sussex or syndicate place

    Hi there, I am looking for either someone to book with for the end of this year or early next year for some Sika/red/Fallow culling in/nr Sussex? Or a possible syndicate opening (Happy to pay for grounds with good population. I stalk with a good friend who tends to like to follow and watch/help...
  11. For Sale: Embroidered T-shirts! £7.99

    Only a few left in stock! £7.99 each+P&P Message me or buy through our online store
  12. Available: Roe Buck accompanied stalking - Devon

    Roe Buck accompanied stalking – Devon. Evening All. Thinking about your first Roe Buck or looking to get out in the beautiful summer evenings to maybe catch up with a good 6 pointer? For the next 4 months only I will be taking bookings for the Bucks here in Devon. Own rifle not required and...
  13. Available: Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

    Accompanied Roe and Muntjac stalking available in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. We are a small team of experienced stalkers that manage a number of estates and offer accompanied outings for all levels of experience. Estate rifles available, training, DSC 2 witnessing and weekend packages with...
  14. Available: Last Minute April Stalking in Norfolk and Suffolk

    At Deer Stalking in England Ltd. we have a few stalks left for this month in Norfolk and Suffolk. If you'd like prices please PM me. The dates and availability are listed below: Thursday 28th April morning and evening Only three dates left available for this month.
  15. Pace Brothers new stalking video

    I have been enjoying the 'Into the Wilderness' podcast; now the Pace brothers have released an excellent new web series on YouTube and Vimeo. The first episode looks good with a stalking adventure on Skye. Amazing photography and scenery - give it a go. Ep 1 ~ First Steps ~ Pace Brothers - Into...
  16. For Sale: HIGH SEAT TELESCOPIC up in 2 mins compact solid well made last years

    TELESCOPIC HIGH SEAT Stalking Directory offer £110 delivered anywhere uk - Features a telescopic ladder putting the seat at a maximum of 2.5m or anything lower - Can be put up in less than 2 minutes (after initial set up) - Highly lightweight and portable, weighing only 12kgs Will Take 150...
  17. For Sale: Blaser R93 offroad .30-06 and .25-06 (testing the waters)

    Blaser R93 offroad .30-06 and .25-06 (sale or swap) I'm considering switching around some of my rifles so would anyone interested in my black synthetic Blaser R93 with .30-06 and .25-06 barrels? £1500 ono. Might be interested in a swap for a .243 or .308 (slots available immediately), but...
  18. For Sale: Savane Lightweight Hunting Coat with Detachable Sleeves

    Please take a look at our Savane Lightweight Hunting Coat with Detachable sleeves. We have 6 available and currently have 19 watchers on eBay. These are £44.99 +3.30 P&P. Great for summer stalking!
  19. Wanted: Stalking around Aberdeen

    Ok, putting the feelers out, I have an opportunity to be up in Aberdeen from April onwards during the week and some weekends, looking for connections for stalking and a good gun shop, have DSC1, insurance and may have DSC2 by that time also. Would even consider joining a syndicate, any...
  20. Isle of Lewis

    Evening all, I'm planning to go up to the Isle of Lewis in September/ October to go stalking for some red stags and fish for salmon and sea trout. Has anyone been stalking there? How did you find it? Cheers, Michael