1. dmouland

    Sold: Archer night vision add-on Grade A Gen 3 with accessories inc PBIR £1450

    SOLD Archer NV add-on grade A Gen 3 - no spots, excellent working condition. One scratch on the part where you can add IR. Comes with bayonet attachment, one insert (These brand new from Starlight are £2999) and a PBIR X illuminator (IR) (that was £100 new) £1450 inc delivery (no...
  2. dmouland

    Sold: Starlight Arrow Nightvision scope add-on £320

    Starlight Arrow night vision unit £290 - including insured tracked postage. This is a scope add-on that attaches to the eye piece of the scope. Great bit of kit. Only 3 months old from new and it was £500. Comes with: Lithium-ion batteries and charger, rubber stock extender with firm...
  3. dmouland

    Sold: Starlight Arrow Night vision unit with Dragonfly IR Laser

    I am reluctantly selling my night-vision add-on to fund my .30-06 double rifle. It's a Starlight Arrow unit that fits to the rear of your scope via a bush and screw system. The bushing slides onto the scope and then the NV unit screws onto that bushing. You focus the unit via your parallax on...
  4. Southdowns_stalking

    Wanted: Starlight Archer

    Looking for a Starlight Archer if anyone has or will be having one for sale soon? Regards, SS
  5. S

    CLA Competition Heads up

    Hi all Just a heads up on the CLA Gamefair big competition which they are running as of today for the CLA event giving away a high spec Starlight Arrow High Sensitivity model worth £749.99 courtesy of Scott Country. Anyway just a heads up if you would like to enter...
  6. S

    Starlight Arrow Digital Add On - Official Images and review

    Hello all We have been asked for images of the new Starlight Arrow from people who could not make it to the launch at the British Shooting Show last weekend. We collected the pre production samples the evening before the show, so had little time to take any images etc and only had what was...