PSE Composites Limited
  1. For Sale: Tall Gun cabinet 4/5 gun

    For sale, a police approved (ie physically checked by police in house) gun cabinet. steel is thicker than Brattonsound. Very solid welding and with a hammerite type finish. 2x 7 lever locks (which can be replaced), keyed alike, 2 keys. 4 holes for securing. I do have a pack of 4 small...
  2. When to clean or oil your rifle

    Hi All As a relatively new shooter I have what might be a very basic question and if so I apologize. My question is when should you clean and/or oil your rifle barrel and/or mechanism. There are thousands of articles and videos out there on HOW to do this but no one seems to tell you when you...
  3. Sold: RoeSafe

    Holds up to 4 roe. Some wear to rods but is recently professionally repaired and fundamentally sound with main zip fine. Comes in original zippered bag. £45 posted Mainland UK or collect £40 Colwyn Bay
  4. Number of guns

    Number of guns and security Could anyone help me I currently have 2 rifles and 3 shotguns and am wanting to buy another shotgun (can decide on what to get rid of yet ) is there any restrictions on the number I can have or would it just be down to if they are stored correctly then there should...
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