stuart mitchell

  1. Right of passage, blooding the knife……..

    My son has just turned 15 and is struggling a bit with normal life and school. He has been diagnosed with M.E / chronic fatigue syndrome. He / we are all learning to live with it and manage some sort of normal existence. The level of maturity he is showing and the way he is coping with this is...
  2. Stuart Mitchell

    Does anyone on here know Stuart? I have commissioned a knife through him but he has somewhat disappeared since November. Im hoping he is alright?
  3. Stuart Mitchell knife "mini-review"

    I see Stuart Mitchell has joined this forum and since I'm using one of his knives I thought I'd post a quick review. For the record, I'm in no way connected to Stu or his business and I've paid for any knife I've had off him. Some perspective, because what I like may not be what you like: I'd...