1. stalkinginengland

    Available: 125 Bird Driven Days Suffolk near Woodbridge

    At present we have four 125 bird days with single guns left available. We also have 150 and 200 bird days. Each day includes the following: -VAT -Transport around the shoot -Elevenses -Lunch -Tea and coffee. No overage is charged We welcome half guns and inexperienced guns (mentors/loaders...
  2. stalkinginengland

    Available: Driven Pheasant and Partridge shooting in Suffolk

    This is our third year at Glemham in Suffolk near Woodbridge. We only have a few full days and single guns left available. We also have one or two syndicate places left available. We welcome full teams, single guns and half guns. No overage charged. The day/price includes VAT, transport around...
  3. stalkinginengland

    Game Shooting in Suffolk

    We have a number of days left for this coming season, for full teams, single guns and roving syndicates. We have 125,150 and 200 bird days. If you would like more information please comment below and I will PM you with all the information.
  4. stalkinginengland

    Pheasant and partridge shooting

    Some guns still available on dates this season. All dates are 200 bird days at £33 per bird. VAT, lunch, elevenses and tea and coffee are included in the price.Tuesday 1st December 1 guns availableThursday 31st December 4 guns availableThursday 21st January 4 guns availablePlease comment below...
  5. stalkinginengland

    Available: Deer Stalking in Norfolk and Suffolk We have deer stalking land in Norfolk and Suffolk, feel free to take a look at our website. If you would like dates and prices please PM me your email address to email
  6. stalkinginengland

    Available: Roe Rut

    We are now taking late bookings for the roe rut. We are based in Suffolk but have roe on our ground in Norfolk. Please email me at for more details. Please take a look at our website
  7. Baggy

    Reloading components in Suffolk

    Hi guys. Had a bit a shocker..... I've recently moved upto Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds) and am now out of stock of primers. Been using the Muron primers in my .25-06. Have had great results and very consistent with Elcho17 with 100gr SMK and Speer Spitzers. Does anyone know of anywhere to get...
  8. A

    Settled in Suffolk

    Hello All, I've recently settled permanently in Suffolk, near Framlingham, after a couple of decades traipsing around in the Army. Been involved in fieldsports all my life so am farm and fieldcraft aware but quite new to stalking as a discipline. Thought I may as well learn more about it...