1. Trail Cam pics

    I have put a few pics of Red Stag's caught on cam in the last week up on our face book page if anyone would like to see them ​Glen
  2. Wanted: Note's of Interest - Stalking North Scotland

    Hi All, I am currently reviewing shooting agreements on around 10,000 acres of Red/Roe & Sika Stalking. Anyone wishing to note an interest in potential 12 month shooting agreements with us are invited to forward details to me at my email address : Very limited...
  3. Hi From Ayrshire to All Forum Members

    My name is Lee based in Ayrshire , had my shotgun and firearms for 24 years , unbelievable but the firearms enquiry officer told me so ! I bearly lift my shotguns these days as my focus is on my stalking, fortunate enough to be one of the leaseholders on 10,000 hectares in Sutherland for Red...