1. Wanted: European style Swivels for sling to fit smaller studs

    Hi all, Has anyone here got any sling swivels they are looking to get rid of or sell? Looking a pair i.e. a set of two. European style, so these have a narrower pin to fit the studs with smaller holes found on Blaser rifles and rifles like the Baikal mp221. Thank you
  2. Sold: Harris Bipod LM Swivel 9”- 13” notched leg

    As above with spring loaded legs for easy deployment. As new condition. Grab a bargain £60 plus postage.
  3. Sold: Harris Model S-BR Bipod 6-9 Inches (Swivel Base)

    Hi, I'm having a clear out and I have a couple of bipods that I no longer use or need. Little use, and in very good order, this is the shortest Harris bipod, the S-BR with swivel base. £120 new from Uttings. £80 delivered.