syndicate wanted

  1. Introduction

    Hi all I’ve just completed my DSC1 and will be applying for my FAC imminently to acquire a rifle to stalk deer. I already hold a shotgun certificate. I’m actively seeking places I can lease shooting rights for all kinds of game and stalking, and syndicates I can join.If anyone knows of...
  2. Shooting is my passion!

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Richard, I am currently still serving in the UK Military (20 years of experience), I have been stalking for the last 2x years; during that time have had the opportunity to shoot Red, Fallow and Sika through a very good mentor...
  3. Young deer stalker starting out

    Currently based in Cirencester and South Wales, looking for a deer stalking syndicate around these areas. Currently have a DSC1 and an FAC for a .243, experienced fox shooter, just want to crack into some deer.
  4. deer syndicates wanted

    hi is there any deer syndicates available in the southeast of england if you have a syndicate place or know of one could you email me please
  5. Hi everyone

    Afternoon all, I'm relatively new to shooting, from Hampshire, looking to find a DIY syndicate in either Hampshire or West Sussex. Willing and happy to do anything I can to learn and help out! Thanks!
  6. Wanted: Syndicate space for Sika.

    Good day all, looking for a syndicate place on ground that contains Sika. prefer in the south of the country if anyone can assist me please but won't discount offers from elsewhere in UK. Thanks
  7. Wanted: Stalking opportunities / syndicate place in Oxfordshire

    Hi All, I've been stalking for a while, insured, DSC1 qualified etc. and am looking for a syndicate place, or stalking opportunities in Oxfordshire. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Tom
  8. Not new but just moved to the UK from Ireland in March

    Hi I have justed moved to the UK from Ireland and now living in Markyate near St Albans. Just after filling out and submitting firearms paperwork and not sure how long that will take to process. An avid deer stalker with plenty of ground in Ireland, which I will be flying back to as much as...
  9. Wanted: 2 x Syndicate membership

    Hi All Does anyone have or know of any syndicate places available soon? Myself and my stalking buddy are looking for syndicate membership for 2017/18. Both are DSC1 and fully insured with 3+ years (we have both been shooting much longer than that) experience of highland and woodland stalking...
  10. Wanted: Syndicate Place 100 miles around Windsor

    Hello All I am looking for a syndicate place within 100 miles of Windsor for deer/boar shooting. I am DMQ lv2 qualified. I have lots of free time as I am retired and because I am retired the cheaper the better! Happy to answer all questions. Thanks a lot.
  11. New member in Berksshire!

    Hello I just joined today. I am 50 and started stalking 6 years ago. Since then I wanted to learn as much as possible as soon as possible so I did my DMQ level 1 & 2. I shoot as often as possible which is sadly not as often as i would like. I use a .308 with moderator and scope. I also...
  12. Wanted: Syndicate deer stalking opportunities in Sussex/KEnt

    Hi, Looking for syndicate opportunities in Sussex/Kent or indeed any stalking opportunities (especially unaccompanied so that I can go on short notice/when I get a window as I work in the city and have very small kids at home so hard to get out regularly in advance). I am DSCI and have .243 on...
  13. Wanted: Stalking Syndicate place

    Posted on wrong forum Sorry mods my mistake this should have been posted in a different part of the forum
  14. Wanted: Place on a Stalking Syndicate near Glasgow

    All, Some help needed please! Newly qualified DSC1 with FAC looking for a place on a stalking syndicate near Glasgow where I can bed-in my new knowledge and learn more about the craft without breaking the bank before going for my DSC2. I'm a 34 year old professional working in Glasgow. I'm...
  15. Wanted: Stalking wanted in Bucks, Hertfordshire, Essex or Berkshire

    Hi, I have my DSC1 and am three quarters of the way through DSC2; I've been stalking for 4/5 years (mix of accompanied and unaccompanied) and have cleanly culled 29 deer in that time. I'm looking for a syndicate or permission (for which I'm willing to pay) to stalk within 1-2 hours drive of NW...