1. M

    Looking for syndicate / shooting

    Hi I have recently moved to Hampshire from the North East and looking to join a syndicate shoot. I also can offer pest control services, (as expected) fully licensed and insured complete with 4x4 and dog! If anyone knows of any opportunities to join syndicates or places going on shoot days...
  2. B

    Available: Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Soot with 15 Miles of Inverness

    Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Shoot with 15 Miles of Inverness Wee walked up shoot is looking for new members to join us for the 2015/2016 Season. We are within 5 miles of Inverness and shoot on approx. 1000 acres of mixed terrain with very varied shooting! Looking for members...
  3. Virbius

    Available: Peg available for insured syndicate member

    Dear All, One of my regular Wednesday syndicate Guns has just had an operation on his hand and can't shoot with us this Wednesday 10th December. He has requested that we attempt to sell if for him, we will not make anything from this day. He will be happy with £500. 200-bird day, catered on...
  4. Z

    Wanted: Hampshire syndicate/stalking

    Hi all, Now that we've finally bought a house and we know where we'll be for the foreseeable future, I'm keen to find some local stalking rather than flogging all over the country. Really don't want to muscle in on anyone's parade but if you've got some ground and you'd like to share costs...
  5. Evillemon

    Wanted: Stalking Syndicate memebership

    I appreciate that this is a long shot as many of us are looking for places however if you dont ask you dont get. So here goes...... I am in south Hertfordshire, although obviously it would be nice to get a syndicate closeish to home (within a few hours drive i will also be quite happy to...
  6. Evillemon

    Wanted: Stalking Syndicate place

    Posted on wrong forum Sorry mods my mistake this should have been posted in a different part of the forum
  7. Evillemon

    Wanted: Deer Syndicate place some where in the3 counties/ midland/south east region

    Am looking to buy into a syndicate somewhere within a hour / hour and half drive from Hertfordshire. DSC1 and insurance etc all in place. Any info greatly appreciated. Tim
  8. S

    Syndicate - what is good value

    Hi, I have never been part of a syndicate but will need to consider it if I am to expand my stalking. What represents good value and what to be wary of, can somebody offer me some advice?
  9. M

    Wanted: Stalking new Newbury, West Berkshire

    Due to a change in ownership on the estate on which I have been stalking for many years, I sadly need to seek an alternative. I'm looking to lease stalking or join a syndicate within 30 miles of Newbury, West Berkshire.
  10. Evillemon

    Wanted: Deer stalking syndicate or land to rent within Hertfordshire ?

    Well the search for new permission never ends... at the minute i have only one very small piece of land with a few muntjacs, its too small too shoot more than 2 - 3 a year. I am always trying to find new lands / woods to shoot. If anyone happens to know of any farmers , land owers or stalking...
  11. G

    Wanted: Seeking Syndicate membership in SE England please

    Hi, About me: ​I'm 39, based in Surrey & W London, with 3 yrs experience, DSC 1 & 2 and, by the end of this week, fingers crossed, DMQ. About the opportunity: I'm looking to join a syndicate in the SE, ideally with both roe and fallow please. ​Looking out as far as Wilts, incl Hants, Surrey, E...
  12. K

    Syndicate Place, South Lanarkshire, Abington

    Place has just become available 1/4/13. DSC1 needed, Insurance, appropriate variation on FAC. Roe Deer 98% with transient Sika. All vermin. No additional fees on shot deer. 1200 acres. High seats. 12 months £492.00 email or call 0n 07545 488688. Easy access, less than 10 mins from motorway...
  13. L

    Wanted: Syndicate place sought

    Like double four recently in his post, I'm searching for a syndicate place within a couple of hours drive of west London. I passed my DSC1 over a year ago and am about to finish my portfolio for DSC2. I've been stalking for four years and have an open FAC for .243 and .308. I've stalked...