1. Treedave

    Sold: Sako 75 s/s 308-full set up

    Update with what's left Sako 75 in 308, screw cut barrel @ 20".New barrel (border stainless with sako profile) fitted when I bought, barrel and action cerakoted in original sako silver. Stock and barrel show occasional light marks from use. 2-250 rounds through since new barrel. 6 month old...
  2. T

    Wanted: Blaser R8 synthetic stock

    Hi folks, Looking for a 2nd hand or unwanted standard synthetic stock for my Blaser R8 (something for those cold, rainy, sleet, snowy days). I might consider the 'success' stock if the price is in my budget. Put your proposal to me and I'll give it fair consideration. Regards, Mark