1. Looking for a teckle stud

    Hey I'm looking to put my teckle bitch in pup. She's a cracking dog, apple of my eye, she'll beat, pick up, works great in a pack, rats and rabbits not to mention holds the cows at bay for me. Iv already got at least 5 pups sold. She due to come in heat in December. I'm not bothered about...
  2. 2 wks, 4 days & no sign of that teckle - can I ask for help EVERYWHERE. ?

    In West Berks UK, there is a great deal of support for wanting to find Spartacus, but if he has been taken further afield he/i'll need help further afield and hope you will keep your eyes peeled and noses to the ground, please. Any contacts you have in your dog or teckle worlds would be greatly...
  3. Ding! Have I finally gotten why Teckles are good deer hounds…. ?

    I aint no shooter, or hunter, but got myself a teckle 4years ago, was told he was a deer dog and had observed his almost quivering ifdeer came into view through a car window. I’ve seen him bark across fields in chase, with confidence he wouldn’tcatch them and with no one following he’d come...
  4. sourcing teckle tracking gear

    am loving it that there are a good number of teckels on this site (reading on from teckle pups). Can anyone short cut me to locating good teckle tracking harnesses? Many thanks, Marnie