terminal ballistics

  1. Peripheral Plueral Tracking! (AKA Bullet Did Funny Thing)

    Was out stalking tonight. Spotted a gang of fallow couched down out along a woodland. Stalked up, go on bipods, and when one stood up, took a shot: 275m (300 yards), with my Blaser R8 in 6.5 Swede, using factory Sellier & Bellot 120gr copper monolithics. Animal *dropped like a stone*. Went to...
  2. 6.5x55 Terminal Ballistics

    Right, I'm sorry if this has been covered before but I'm confused! I've got a very nice Mauser M03 in 6.5x55. Accuracy at 100m with 45.5gr H4831 and 140gr Nosler Partition is about 3/4". Good enough for stalking. The rifle is great. Been up in Scotland for the past week for 3 days of stalking...