thermal imager

  1. Sold: Thermtec Cyclops CP335 Thermal Spotter **Price Reduced**

    Thermtec Cyclops CP335 Thermal Spotter Inc. Box, USB Charging Cable, Plug, Cleaning Cloth, Lanyard, Carry Bag for thermal. Bought back in Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 from my local rfd, I have updated the firmware to latest issue, Battery life is more than enough for 3 - 4 outings before charging...
  2. Sold: Pulsar Helion xq38f

    Well used but in perfect working order. Lenses unmarked. Boxed with battery and charger. £850 Posted UK
  3. Sold: Guide trackir50

    Here for sale is my Guide trackir50 bought March 2022 from Scott Country. It was bought to use as a second thermal but it’s barely getting any use now hence the reason for sale. It’s in very good condition and comes in the original packaging with manual, case/bag, charger and lanyard. £600 posted
  4. Alex introduction

    Hi I'm a stalker based in Gloucestershire, although I also cover ground around Somerset. I also carry out fox control for 2 shoots and numerous farms. I have joined due to being in the market for a thermal spotter with LRF. Thanks
  5. Sold: Pulsar Accolade 2 XP50 PRO LRF

    Looking to sell my Accolades which I originally purchased in March 2021 but the unit was replaced under warranty March this year so they have had little use since. Comes with an IPS 7 and IPS14 battery, neck strap, carry case, charger kit, box and 18months warranty. £3300 inc vat and insured...
  6. Handheld Thermal spotters

    Hi all Looking to get myself a hand held thermal spotter for sorting out foxes and for find deer in thick cover. Any suggestions on a good budget friendly setup or model/make? Not really interested in spending thousands on it as I won't be using it for stalking that much. Thanks for your...
  7. Sold: Pulsar Helion 2 XP50

    Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 2 yrs old, in excellent condition. Comes with original box and accessories. £1800
  8. For Sale: Zeiss dti 35 thermal spotter

    As title less than a year old used and loved spotter which has helped me out in so many ways from rabbit bashing to deer stalking/finding animals only reason for sale is that I have two thermals! Comes with everything from new! Will get pics added tomorrow! As new condition! £2100
  9. For Sale: PULSAR XQ38 & XM30S

    Both XQ38 and XM30S in stock Spare battery and shipping included whilst stocks last. Fully 3 year warranty. Please call, TXT or WhatsApp for prices. 07719 670959
  10. Sold: Pulsar Helion XQ38F

    Pulsar Helion XQ38F (77394) for sale, I’ve owned this for 3 years from new. It has been lightly used and is as new, no scratches, marks or signs of wear and comes with a spare battery. I’m looking for £1,550 which includes delivery, however my preference would be for the buyer to see it before...
  11. Sold: Pulsar Helion XQ38F

    In a rash moment I may regret I'm upgrading my thermal so its time for my Pulsar Helion XQ38F (77394) to go. I bought this second-hand but I have the original paperwork confirming its original supply as 21st October, 2019. These have a 3-year warranty so by my reckoning, it has 17 months...
  12. For Sale: HIK Micro 35mm PRO Thermal Retail Price Drop

    Top of the HIK range the 35mm Owl PRO High resolution 640 x 512 px - 17micron thermal sensor (35mK NETD rating) combined with HIK software delivers a high definition image. Retail was £2699 Sale price now ....... £2349 Save £350!! With additional exclusive discount for SD members - please...
  13. Pulsar Quantum XQ38 update

    Anyone know if I can update software on my thermal? It’s quite old and unsure if it’s possible on the Pulsar quantum xq38. It has a wi-fi icon but doesn’t seem to connect to my phone/stream vision app. Just counts down from 30secs when I click on icon and then says Error. Thanks.

  15. For Sale: Pulsar XM30 Axion Key

    Used Clean Boxed 2+ years warranty left
  16. Thermal Imaging for Deer Recovery

    Hi All Please forgive me if this has been covered before (any links to previous discussions would be great). I'm considering the purchase of a thermal device for locating shot deer in thick cover, the ground I stalk on borders some very thick woodland and, if un-sighted after the shot, a deer...
  17. Thermal Imaging questions

    Hi folks. I'm thinking of buying a thermal device for work. Mainly for spotting pigeons indoors and rats outdoors, but possibly for deer/fox/rabbits if I ever get time to enjoy life outside of work again :cry: At the moment I'm looking at the Pulsar Helion XQ38F or the Pulsar Quantum Lite...
  18. Pulsar Quantum Thermal Imager on Roe Deer.

    Hello all We are getting more and more requests from customers for thermal hand held devices for roe deer population surveys so thought we would do some filming locally and got some cracking footage. Thought you may like to see some footage from the Pulsar Quantum hand held thermal imager of...
  19. Next generation of Pulsar Quantum Thermal arrives - the Pulsar Quantum XD50S

    Hi all We have had a lot of PM's and emails regarding the new Pulsar Quantum XDS series of hand held thermal imager so thought we would do a wee post with some details. The new Pulsar Quantum XD50S and XD38S series of hand held thermal imager features a brand new 50hz thermal core, full colour...
  20. New Pulsar Quantum Thermal XDS Series and new pricing on HDS series

    Hello all We have had lots of enquiries regarding the new Pulsar Quantum XD50S and XD38S Thermal Imagers. Starting at under £2000 for a 450m detection 50hz full thermal imager, up to the range topping XD50S, the new models are arriving into stock this week, and we will be the first in the UK...