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    New improved Pard 007 and 008 now in stock £425 for 007 £645 for 008 Call shop for details and sales On 07851 011 085
  3. Thermal Imaging for Deer Recovery

    Hi All Please forgive me if this has been covered before (any links to previous discussions would be great). I'm considering the purchase of a thermal device for locating shot deer in thick cover, the ground I stalk on borders some very thick woodland and, if un-sighted after the shot, a deer...
  4. Product Demonstration Evening 23rd March

    We hope to see a lot of you at our demo evening in Lanarkshire next Wednesday. If you're coming along, let us know what products you're particularly interested in trying out and we'll make sure we have them available.
  5. 4 Days of Black Friday Sale at Scott Country International

    Hello all From 9am 24th Nov to 5pm Friday 27th Nov we are running 4 days of #blackfriday sales. More details here CLICK FOR OUR BLACK FRIDAY OFFER NEWSLETTER Simply add items to your basket and at checkout apply the code below for 10% off anything on our website. (conditions apply)...
  6. Hello From The Night Vision Show

    Just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce ourselves. We work closely with people from the likes of Pulsar, Yukon, Starlight NV, Scott Country International, Thomas Jacks and Thermoteknix to name but a few. We are a monthly online TV show that airs via Youtube, and we cover the night...
  7. Night Vision and Thermal Imager Special Offers

    Hello, We have a deal on some night vision and thermal imagers. All in stock for Next Day Delivery (UK only on Thermal) 2013 New Spec Guide Thermal Imager IR518-EC 640x480 50hz 1200m Guide IR518EC Thermal Video (jump to 12min 16seconds for review) RRP £4849.95 Special Offer £3849.95...
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