1. Sold: Delta titanium HD 4-24 x 50 IR scope with interchangable turrets £775!!

    Delta Titanium HD 4-24x50 SFP Illuminated Interchangeable Turret Rifle Scope 30mm tube 92% light transmission Sfp Side parralax - 10m to infinity. Interchangable turrets, so can use regular or dialling type. 10 year warranty. boxed and can come with original reciept. Reticle type in photo...
  2. Oceania Defence SLS 3D Laser printed Moderators - .30cal 'Alpine Hunter' impressions

    I own a few moderators including one of the Original Quicksilver Titanium mods in .223 from when they were still being licensed in the UK and for the most part they all do a pretty reasonable job in terms of sound reduction. I've never been super happy with what any of them do for rifle balance...
  3. Lawrence Precision Zodiac moderator information wanted

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how many baffles are in the Zodiac moderator by checking theirs. I will go back to Simon once I can confirm this, but want to know what has been supplied before I do.:???: Regards, Simon
  4. Sound Moderator Review: Lawrence Precision Eclipse Compact

    Earlier this year I had been in contact with Simon Lawrence of Lawrence Precision Moderators and having expressed an interest in his range of titanium sound moderators he kindly offered for me to try one out. The main reason for my interest was finding a moderator for my stainless synthetic Sako...
  5. lightweight moderator for .308

    wanting to fit a moderator to my Sauer 202. there appears to be a few new lightweight titanium/aluminium moderators Alan the market. any suggestions as to which provides a reasonable sound dispersion without unbalancing?