1. Krabryn

    For Sale: Game hook

    The essential tool for rapid carcass handling as shown in numerous YouTube clips. Join the experts with this 'T' handled heavy duty helper. It's unused and still in its original packaging, sharp as a new pin, imported from The Netherlands to test the supplier of a much more expensive article...
  2. hammo

    Sold: 3 Knives for sale

    1. Damascus blade and bolster at hinge, brass liner and pins, green camel bone handle 5 Inches closed, 4 Inch blade £35 Columbia River Knife and tool Co. Lock Knife M16-12Z Glass fibre reinforced nylon handle 4 Inches closed, 3 Inch blade. Used with wear to the finish on the belt clip...
  3. A

    Sold: Forster coax priming tool

    Hi Oddly I prefer priming on the press...... Only used a handful of times. Same as in this link £60 posted via UK standard parcel. I am travelling this week so if sold it will be posted at the weekend. Kind Regards Ash