New Avon Arms
  1. For Sale: Beretta 682 Gold E X

    Beretta 682 Gold E X - Vary Rarely come up for sale not made anymore. X High Rib 30" Barrels adjustable comb riser and extra stock pads. Immaculate Condition , Stripped Cleaned and Back in the Case after every use. This is not been fired in earnest for the past 5 years time to move on to...
  2. Sold: Clay pigeon trap

    I have this old trap which doesn't get any use these days. It's a single arm, and could do with a good clean. However, it works properly and nothing is seized. It adjusts up and down, and the spring also has tension adjustment. collection from Burnham on Sea in Somerset. I'd like £45 for this...
  3. Wanted: Issues with stolent bait from trap (beginner)

    Hello all! Hope this is in the right section... I have a live capture trap set up in my garden to deal with pesky squirrels. I have used peanut butter etc to bait it, kept it raised off the ground using small plant pots, covered with a bin liner and weighted down with a rock on top. However...
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