1. Wanted: Bog Death Grip

    Hi guys, I’m after a set of Bog Death Grips as I’ve recently taken on another farm to clear foxes from that’s quite flat so Tripod with a clamp would be great. Ideally pick up in Warwickshire but postage is fine too of course. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks Jäger
  2. Scott Country- great service!

    Fantastic service from Scott Country: I lost a rubber foot off my shooting tripod at the range on Saturday. Emailed them on Saturday night (outside opening hours) asking if I could order a replacement urgently, as I have a competition this weekend. Set of new feet arrived today! Many...
  3. Sold: Primos Tripod & Pig Saddle - £135

    For Sale £135 pick up or posted at cost to buyer, payment via PayPal Primos Tripod with Yoke and sturdy Aluminium Pig Saddle, showing it fully extended and closed down. Never ever let me down on foxes and deer but since upgrading to a Rekon I’ve kept it as a spare, but time to move it on for...
  4. Sold: dgfweg Rifle saddle mount Rifle clamp

    Attaches to most threaded shooting sticks and tripods/ camera tripods. Clamps the rifle solidly in place for shooting. RRP normally £60 once postage is considered Price: £50 posted.