BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. For Sale: Stoney Creek Clothing

    High-quality hunting apparel from a trusted retailer. Tundra Jacket- £349, Stoney Creek Tundra Jacket New Jacket for sale. Buy for £349. Tundra Over-trousers- £169, Stoney Creek Tundra Over-Trousers New Trousers for sale. Buy for £169. Frostline Jacket- £229, Stoney Creek Frostline Jacket New...
  2. Sold: Harkila Pro Hunter X Trousers

    Harkila Pro Hunter X GoreTex Trousers - Size 48 (Waist band measures 32.5", inside leg 32.5") Excellent condition, barely used so as new. Only selling as I....errr...seem to need a 34" waist now... £170 plus postage
  3. Sold: Harkila Ingels Trousers - Willow Green - C60 Waist 116cm (46") - Leg 89cm (35")

    Harkila Ingels Trousers - Willow Green - C60 Waist 116cm (46") - Leg 89cm (35") worn once in the summer and not keen on fit and found too warm for warmer UK weather. I would personally class them more as suitable for Autumn/Spring. Washed and offered at a substantial reduction from their...
  4. Sold: Harkila Edward Lightweight Gore-tex Waterproof Trousers C58 (42")

    Harkila Edward Lightweight Gore-tex Waterproof Trousers C58 (42") in excellent condition, worn just a handful of times until (ahem) outgrown :oops: Please note that the fabric is very lightweight and will not stand up to heavy use. These are best worn when not planning to be crawling through...
  5. Harkila Ultimate Trousers - do they stretch or shrink?

    Having been spoilt by my wife with a pair of Harkila ultimate trousers as a gift , I find I am between two sizes, one slightly too small, the other a bit too large. So the question is will they shrink or will they stretch? Anyone got any experience please? And "lose some wieght and have the...
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