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  1. Opinions on Ammo for Sauer 202 Elegance (Fallow + Red deer)

    Hi there, First of all hi! Literally just joined the forum yesterday. Some interesting reads and information so first off thanks for that. I'm looking for some information if anyone can help. I've just purchased a Sauer 202 Elegance in .308. Still to get it sent across to me from England...
  2. Tikka T3 1-8 twist or 1-12 twist

    hi People I am going buy myself a T3 .223 that I will be using for Fox Geese and Target, I have been told by a good friend who is well into all this that I need to get a T3 with a 24" barrel with a 1-8 twist, (he has a 24" 1-8) So after spending a morning on the phone to all the RFD in...
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