1. Wanted: CZ 527 .223 Varmint

    CZ 527 .223 Varmint wanted
  2. Wanted: CZ 527 .223 Stock Kevlar

    Looking for a Kevlar stock for a CZ 527 .223. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
  3. Sold: Howa 1500 Varmint .204Ruger

    I am selling my Howa 1500 .204ruger also included in the sale in the wildcat evolution .204 specific moderator, 5/8th screw and a Timney trigger. Rifle is in the Howa Hogue rubber non-slip stock. The rifle will come with a standard picatinny rail not the extended rail in the photo. The...
  4. Sako 85 xs varmint

    Hi all. I’ve got a sako 85 xs 223 varmint. Laminate stock. Love the rifle but absolutely hate the stock. It’s not very hard wearing and it’s very heavy. I’m looking for a lighter stock for the rifle but struggling to find one. Any recommendations? Thanks
  5. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 klassik varmint

    FFP, side Paralax 50m-infinity Glass excellent bar 1 tiny scratch on occular lense which I have shown on image 205956, this has absolutely no effect of sight picture Varmint dot reticlue. Varmint reticule Very minor scuffs on paint, in good condition Exit pupil mm3,1 - 12,5...
  6. Rifle barrel fluting

    Approximatly, ball park figure, how much would it cost to have a heavy varmint barrel, flutted?

  8. For Sale: Tikka T3 Varmint .223

    Hi I have for sale my tikka T3 Varmint in .223. Round count is approx 500. Twist 1:8. Comes with 1 mag, tier one 0moa base, and wildcat evolution moderator, only 100 rounds through. Looking for 850
  9. .223 varmint recommendations

    Looking to purchase a .223 varmint for my foxing. I do a lot with my .243 Howa Varmint 1500 but want a backup rifle and move my .243 over to deer rifle. I shoot archer attached to Vortex. Thinking another Howa but maybe stainless. Remington 783. CZ or maybe push budget to Tikka T3. All varmint...
  10. CZ 455 varmint

    I've got a CZ 455 varmint on order. Will it come threaded ready for a mod?
  11. CZ 455 Varmint .22

    Anyone have any comments on CZ 455 Varmint in .22LR? Not thumbhole version. Thinking of purchasing for rabbit shooting. Recommendations for a suitable moderator and barrel length suggestions appreciated.
  12. Varmint or Hunter?

    Hello all, I'll shortly be in the market for my first rifle. I've been doing a fair bit of research and looking around and I've decided that for what I'm looking for, for my budget, I'm going for a Browning X Bolt (.308WIN). I'll be going for one of the eclipse models; I love the stock, it...
  13. Sako M591 varmint Optilock bases

    Hi all, After looking at the Optilock info online for bases to fit a Sako M591, I ordered some Sako short bases that finally arrived yesterday after a two week wait. Annoyingly, the front mount is too narrow and does not fit. Not ideal when I was hoping to get it assembled and zeroed for this...