1. phillips321

    Sold: Leupold VX-L 4.5-14x56 Varmint Ret

    Hi all, Am selling a surplus to requirements Leupold VX-l 4.5-14x56 scope. This is parallax adjustable and has capped turrets. It's second focal plane and comes with the varmint reticle. Comes boxed with the neoprene scope cover. Has a 30mm tube with no marks as shown in photos. Apologies for...
  2. kimh

    For Sale: Axiom Howa 1500 Varmint in 204 Ruger

    My foxing setup for sale Howa 1500 Varmint Ruger 204 over barrel Moderated (6.5 x 55) with neoprene cover (sorry can't remember the make but I tried seven and by far this was the best) Atlas bipod with extensions Blackhawk Axiom Rifle Stock, recoil reducing...
  3. A

    CZ 455 varmint

    I've got a CZ 455 varmint on order. Will it come threaded ready for a mod?
  4. A

    CZ 455 Varmint .22

    Anyone have any comments on CZ 455 Varmint in .22LR? Not thumbhole version. Thinking of purchasing for rabbit shooting. Recommendations for a suitable moderator and barrel length suggestions appreciated.
  5. Virbius

    For Sale: LEI moderator to suit .17HMR

    Hi, I'm selling my LEI moderator suitable for .17HMR. It is currently fitted to my Sako Quad Varmint which is also for sale on this site. It fits very well on the varmint barrel, and is 1/2"UNF x20 thread. It is in excellent condition. £100, any questions please ask.
  6. Virbius

    Sold: Sako Quad Varmint wood with blued barrel .22LR and .17HMR

    Hi, I'm selling my Sako Quad varmint in wood and blued barrels. Included are barrels for .22LR and .17HMR, and both 5 and 10 round magazines for both calibres. I will also include the SAK .22LR moderator. It is in excellent condition, my estimate is less than 500 rounds through the .22LR and...
  7. Virbius

    Sold: Sako 85 S Varmint Laminated Stainless in .243

    Hi, I'm selling my Sako 85 S, Varmint Laminated in stainless steel in .243. I have not fired it in 3.5 years since leaving Scotland. My estimate is less than 500 rounds through it mostly at the range, and it is in excellent condition. Muzzle is factory threaded M18, thread protector is...
  8. paulbshooting

    For Sale: Factory Tikka T3 black synthetic stock off 243 Varmint for sale

    Hello I am selling the standard factory black synthetic stock off my Tikka T3 Varmint, which was a 243 with the varmint heavy s/s barrel. Please see photos. The stock DOES NOT have the screw on cheek piece and NO trigger guard. It does include larger varmint fore-end, recoil block for...
  9. D

    Varmint or Hunter?

    Hello all, I'll shortly be in the market for my first rifle. I've been doing a fair bit of research and looking around and I've decided that for what I'm looking for, for my budget, I'm going for a Browning X Bolt (.308WIN). I'll be going for one of the eclipse models; I love the stock, it...
  10. paulbshooting

    For Sale: Customised Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stainless in 243 calibre inc moderator & spares

    Customised Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stainless in 243 calibre inc moderator & spares I am reluctantly selling my first rifle, bought new in 2011 as I always reach for the 308 nowadays and it sadly does not get any use. It is in 243 calibre and the heavy stainless steel barrel varmint T3 model...
  11. Z

    Sako M591 varmint Optilock bases

    Hi all, After looking at the Optilock info online for bases to fit a Sako M591, I ordered some Sako short bases that finally arrived yesterday after a two week wait. Annoyingly, the front mount is too narrow and does not fit. Not ideal when I was hoping to get it assembled and zeroed for this...