vermin control.

  1. Introduction

    Hi Guys, I'm from Wicklow in Ireland. Have been shooting for years, I currently own a 270 and 17 hornet. I do a lot of vermin control and deer stalking.
  2. Hello from the Highlands

    New on here so here I am ! do a lot of lowland stalking with 25-06 and 22-250 and .17. Lucky enough to have red,sika and roe and plenty vermin. Looking forward to getting the banter on here .
  3. Wanted: Stalking land wanted near Dumfries

    I am looking to gain some land suitable for stalking Near to Dumfries and surrounding area. I an predominantly Looking for deer stalking and lamping . I have suitable Insurance and I am completing my DSC 1 at Newton Stewart by The end of 2011. Have 4 years experience. Professionally...