1. Sold: Viper-Flex Styx Elite Quad Sticks & 5th Leg

    Reluctantly selling in order to raise funds for new kit 🤷🏼‍♂️ Awesome bit of kit and with the 5th leg deployed it’s a rock solid shooting position. I’m keeping my Blaser sticks over these, but only because they’re carbon. I’ve thought long and hard and will probably regret it but it’s time 🥲...
  2. Viper-Flex Journey (new model)

    Just trying them out for a friend who had them given to him by someone involved with the company in Denmark. Viper-Flex Journey (New model) Some feedback on Viper-Flex Journey sticks (new design) Things I like: 1: Light weight 2: Front section at top enabling good movement left and right...