1. Bravecto/Isoxazoline "poisoning" or Idopathetic Epilesy in Hungarian Vizsla - any vets on here?

    I've previously posted on here advocating the use of Bravecto anti-tick/flea/worm treatment for dogs and indeed, even suggested I want some for me as the dog never gets tick but I do! However, 2 weeks ago, our 4-yr Hungarian Vizsla rescue bitch suddenly out of the blue had 3 seizures in one...
  2. For Sale: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Stud (Import)

    Arfu is a superb example of his breed. Bred from Furdohazi Agota (multi working champion) and Django du Domaine Saint Hubert (French working and show champion). Not only is his pedigree and temperament fantastic, his coat and colour are too. He has been imported from France to bring strong...
  3. Newbie in Moray

    Hello to all I am relatively new to stalking and other field sports but very interested in shooting and conservation. Hoping to learn about and find all types of shooting in North Scotland. I have DSC1, will be working towards DSC2 when I get my own rifle. FAC application going in very soon...
  4. My Vizsla - at 6 months old he has started training to the gun and the stalk

    Not bad as yet - just getting a little boisterous and entering the phase of 'doing what ever the hell he likes!' Time for some smack down…..
  5. HWV - FalconGreen Gundogs ?

    Does anyone have advice on this breeder of working HWVs please. I notice other breeders (Gonegos for instance) have feedback on the internet, though FalocnGreen do not. Any advice garetfully received.