walnut wood

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    Sold: Blaser R93 Special Wood Luxus (Side Plate Edition) .243

    For Sale: Blaser R93 Very reluctant sale, only its not through choice! in a nutshell I basically need the money so my rifle has to go. It's a beautiful Blaser R93 Secial Wood Luxus (Side Plate Edition) in .243 calibre and is grade 4/5 Walnut. £1,950 o.v.n.o. GUN ONLY!!!
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    Greetings from Istanbul

    Hi folks, My name is Onur. I am from Istanbul / Turkey. My main business is about Turkish walnut woods. I supply Turkish walnut gunstock blanks from old walnut trees in Turkey. I also enjoy to prepare exhibition grade walnut wood knife handle blocks and nice figured scales, etc... I love my...