ward d700

UK Outfitters
  1. Warden adder first shots

    Hi all. As you may know I’ve bought one. I sold my x-sight 2 to buy this because I found the atn too “cluttered” to use with too much going on, poor battery life, the controls difficult to use. And it seemed to unbalance the rifle. As I’ve just managed to use it ( the adder ) on the range here...
  2. For Sale: For sale Ward D700 and black sun 2 ir illuminator

    Hi all. I've just upgraded to a atn X sight2 and now have this mint condition Ward 700 add on unit for sale. It comes with a ward black sun 2 ir torch, eye piece fillers to mount unit to your scope, mains charger, car charger. It might have the leads to connect it to a monitor if I can find...
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