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  1. First time shooting boar - carcass handling vs deer?

    Hi all, Tonight I'm going out on boar for my first outing as they're out in numbers on a friends farm. I've not shot boar in the past so wanted to know the differences between boar and deer in the way you treat the carcasses. I've heard of people washing down the outside of the animal before...
  2. For Sale: Range of DVDs: Wild Boar Fever, Wild Boar Hunting, Fallow Deer & Driven Hunts, Trophy Hunting England

    Range of DVDs including: Wild Boar Fever Wild Boar Fever III Wild Boar Hunting Fallow Deer & Driven Hunts Trophy Hunting England See pictures for details! Mix and Match! £5 each or £18 for 4! All details and photographs on our website Please contact 0117 3039 227 or visit our website...
  3. My introduction

    My name is Jim, I’ve been shooting for the past 10 years. Stalking for the last 8. I’ve got a .243 which I use for the fallow, roe and fox in my area, and then 22lr and 22fac air rifle for rabbits. 12 gauges and 410s as well. I’ve only ever shot outside of my family farm twice. Cornwall for reds...
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