wildcat evolution

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  1. Sold: 5/8” UNEF Wildcat Evolution Bridge

    Hi - Wildcat Evolution 5/8” x 24 UNEF bridge wanted please.
  2. Sold: Wildcat Evolution .30cal Diffuser only

    I have a spare Wildcat Evolution Diffuser in .30 cal BRAND NEW - Never been fired through, for sale. (Red) i was originally sent the wrong one as I needed a .243 (Green) version and just bought another direct from Wildcat. (great service by the way) more hassle than it's worth in sending this...
  3. Shooting with wrong mod (results)

    Wildcat Evolution! I knew it would happen and it did, (TO ME) so wish the colour code on the .308 was a lot different from the .223 Needless to say I won’t replace the .223. Well I shot the dame thing to bits folks, put a .308 through the wrong one, it wrecked the whole thing from midsection to...
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