1. East Coast Stalker

    For Sale: Wildcat Predator 8 308. Mod 18x1

    Wildcat Predator 8 308. Mod 18x1 Good condition and seen little use. Not had over 100 rounds through it as used on rifle for zeroing then being out in the field. Got it new last year and its now not getting any use. It has a couple of small paint marks but nothing major. Tried to show everything...
  2. dmouland

    For Sale: Custom 222

    20'' Lothar Walther varmint 1/2 x 20 threaded .222 barrel on a CZ527 action, bedded Boyds forest green thumbhole stock (right hand cast), wildcat evolution moderator, Harris non-swivel bipod, sling and Kopaz steel rail. Less than 70 rounds since i've had it built on the CZ527 action. It will...