1. Sold: New Custom Tikka T3 .223Rem £795

    A used Stainless Tikka T3 action with a new and recently fitted/proofed 22" stainless heavy profile Sassen 1 in 8 twist barrel. Threaded 18 x 1. Had proofing loads plus 60 rounds, a brand new unit. Originally done by Edinburgh Rifles. So this is a barreled action including trigger unit with...
  2. For Sale: Wildcat Moderator

    Wildcat 6mm 18x1” moderator. Used and has signs of wear but works as it should. No longer needed as sold rifle without mod. £150 Must have valid slot on FAC Collected Cambridge/Newmarket
  3. Sold: Wildcat Predator 8 Sound Moderator

    14 x 1 thread. suitable for upto .243 calibre. (This is the green one) Used and functional, rear part strips down, front half siezed. Signs of use and wear, dings/scratches to external tube etc. £60 can send to your local dealer. These are £300 new, so I'm just giving this away. Now sold
  4. Sold: Wildcat Evolution bridge part

    As above in 5/8 UNF brand new £50.00 including postage
  5. Are wildcat selling parts again

    Saw a thread on FB, that suggests wildcat moderators have gone back to selling individual parts again ( with a price hike) and aligns with the idea of them being modular. Anyone else seen similar or can confirm this?
  6. Sold: CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole .17HMR

    Hi All, Due to rarely using my HMR, I have decided (reluctantly) to put it up for sale. This gun has been exemplary for me and I'm genuinely sad to part with it, however, there's no point in it just sitting in my cabinet and not being used. The rifle has the varmint profile barrel (screwcut...
  7. Sold: Wildcat Evo Bridge 1/2 UNF £35.50

    As above Used bridge for a Wildcat Evolution Moderator in 1/2 UNF thread. Clean, tested and functional. WAS £48.50 posted. Now £35.50 posted
  8. Sold: 1/2 UNF Wildcat Evolution Bridge

    As above, looking for a 1/2 unf bridge for a Wildcat Evolution Please sent a PM Thanks
  9. Sold: Blaser R8 300 win mag barrel

    Blaser R8 300win mag barrel. 17mm profile. 15x1 spigot. Mag insert. Magnum bolt face. Shoots cloverleaf at 100m with 200gr ELD-X. Slight damage to threads but doesn’t affect in anyway. Wildcat moderator. Only selling as no use for it anymore. £500 for the lot. Dumfries and Galloway. Any...
  10. Sold: Wildcat Evolution Moderator £50

    Wildcat Evolution Moderator 30 cal 5/8 UNF thread Seized bridge, few scratches to metal work but functional £50 £25 to send to local RFD
  11. Sold: Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator £100

    Wildcat Predator 8 Compact moderator 30 calibre suitable 14 x 1 thread Used but good working condition £100 Rfd sending £25
  12. Sold: 1/2 unf Wildcat Predator Bridge

    As above 1/2 UNF thread Bridge part that will fit either a Wildcat Predator 8 or 12 moderator. Well looked after and cleaned , not used for many rounds £40 posted
  13. The Australian .303 Wildcats (.22,.243,.25,.27-303, etc)

    A phenomenon many on here may never of heard of, but I'm sure our brethren in the Southern Hemisphere will have, especially due to their undying love for Lee-Enfields! Import restrictions in post-war Australia meant sporting rifles and their respective cartridges were not readily attainable...
  14. Sold: 243 diffuser Wildcat Evolution Mod

    Private Sale As above 243 diffuser I.e. baffle for a Wildcat Evolution moderator by UK CUSTOM shop Used but still functional Cerakote to the top end £37.50 posted
  15. Sold: Brand New Wildcat Evolution 5/8 UNF bridge £40

    As above, brand new (still has ceramic grease from factory. Bridge/threaded section for a Wildcat Evolution in 5/8 UNF thread, also known as 5/8 x 18. Brand new (surplus to requirement) £40 posted (won't find anywhere else) (Rrp is £66 plus post)
  16. Sold: SAKO 75 .308 hunter Cerakoted black

    Nice clean SAKO 75 .308 hunter Cerakoted in Armor black all metal work done inc magazine base , come's with wildcat predator 8 mod Looking for £900.00 , can send to RFD if required. Please PM me.
  17. Sold: S/h Wildcat Evolution Bridge 1/2UNEF

    As above for sale, Good condition, £40 posted.
  18. Sold: 1/2 UNEF Predator Bridge

    Looking for a used 1/2 UNEF bridge for a Wildcat Predator moderator. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  19. Sold: 2 x Wildcat Predator moderator bush's

    2 x Wildcat Predator bushes, fit to the rear of the moderator, fit both model 8 and model 12 of the predator range. Unused with pilot hole. £20 posted for the pair together.
  20. Sold: 5/8 UNF Wildcat Evo bridge

    As above 5/8 UNF (5/8 x 18) Hardly used, excellent condition, clean. £45 posted Parcelforce