yew tree

  1. For Sale: Yew Tree Fieldsports 6.5mm TLR

    The new TLR (Tipped Long Range) projectiles from Yew Tree Fieldsports have landed in store! The all new design introduces an aluminium tip, sat inside a larger hollow point cavity giving fantastic expansion in a highly ballistically efficient design, and stil Lead Free! Terminal performance is...
  2. For Sale: Yew Tree Fieldsports Projectiles - Full Range!

    The full range of lead free projectiles from Yew Tree Fieldsports are now available in store and for home delivery. 6mm (.243) 80.5gr, .25Cal (.257) 102.5gr, 6.5mm (.264) 112gr, .270Cal (.277) 118gr, 7mm (.284) 124gr and .30Cal (.308) 145gr all available. Pop in store or give us a call to order!
  3. Last Stalk of 2021

    A short video of my last stalk of 2021 (please forgive the quality - filmed through scope with hand held phone in rain.) Happy New Year and good luck in your Stalking in 2022.
  4. My first deer with 6mm Yew Tree 80.5gr non-toxic/copper

    I normally use (Marmite) 95gr SST homeloads in my 243Win, though I've previously had satisfactory results with 100gr Prohunter, Gameking and Speer BTSP. These latter bullets often didn't exit on larger fallow bucks, with separation of cup and core being common, though they did kill well enough...