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  1. Suffolk 100m .308 Zero Range?

    Hi All, I have a friend near Bury St Edmunds that is in need of a 100m/yard range to re-zero his .308 stalking rifle. He's an experienced shot, but would like to be able to practice a bit more often on a range if possible. I dont know of any on that side of the country myself, being in the SW...
  2. POI change with zoom

    Just wondering whether anyone can shed some light on my situation, I've recently zeroed my tikka t3 25-06, unfortunately the scope I wanted to mount on it has come down with a case of broken reticle so off to meopta it is. In the meantime I have mounted a hawke vantage 6-24x50 and the duo were...
  3. . 22lr zero range

    What is your zero range for your 22lr? Mine is currently 100 yards, using eley hv but I'm thinking of changing it to 75 yards and sub sonic as the last time I zerod it I din't have the 17 so I had to push the wee 22 a bit further. Now as I have the 17hmr she can do the longer work.
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