‎Let's See Your Man Cave Compliant Xmas Presents*


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No complaints from me K
set of fallow antlers made into candle holders
And a 50 cal bullet bottle opener scary just looking at it
Regards pete


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Chain mail cutting glove and note saying 'fed up of being told not to worry if there are blood spots on the baby'.

Bottle of Tomatin 12yo and note saying 'not to be used in conjunction with glove'.

And, strangest of all, a copy of Asterix the Gaul in Scots dialect.


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I got a butt out 2, great fun explaining to the wife's family what its for!!
Also got a field saw and an anemometer.... all useful stuff.



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Boo-Hoo Bears..... No exciting Christmas presents for me this year, must have been bad (was actually, just not admitting what !)
I'll have to wait for the January sales or some such to equip my 5.6x57 with a new scope, probably another Z6/Z6i.

Anyhow, back to my catering pack of bah-humbugs.........

Happy New Year All


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I got a Purdey.

OK, that's not entirely true. I got a book about Purdey, very nice it is too. And a really nice bottle of malt - Irish before you ask....