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What’s the best trimmer to buy if loading several calibers? Looking for max £300. Frankfort Arsenal and forster are a couple of names that crop up but I wondered if anyone on here had any helpful reviews or experiences? I’m swearing off my lyman ezee trim as it’s a total faff and so slow!

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I genuinely like the Lee ones. Quick, cheap, and no adjustment means you never have to worry if it’s the same as last time.

If, I would buy the miniature lathe style, then probably I would get the CH4D one. But for my loading the Lee ones work best.

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Cheers guys! I think I’ll try the Forster and see. I don’t shoot anywhere near enough for the giraud. Rattle through a decent number of rounds doing load development but beyond that maybe 20-30 shots a year. My only concern is the Forster looks a little fiddly but the reviews seem decent.

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Forster is really really simple.

You buy the correct collet for that base diameter case (the collets are stepped so will take cases of five different base diameters) and the correct neck pilot.

1) Lock case in the collet using the pilot inserted part way into the case mouth as a "steady" at the front end.

2) Now the case is locked push the pilot all the way into the case until the cutting blades start to cut the case mouth. Withdraw the pilot, unlock the collet and measure the case.

At this stage the two black rings near the handle are left unlocked to slide back towards the handle as you advance step by step the pilot and make your series of trims. Repeating 1) and 2) until the case is the correct length desired.

3) Insert case in collet again using the partially inserted pilot as a "steady". Then push the pilot all the way into the case mouth until the cutting blades are right up against that case mouth. Now lock the rear black rings near the handle and every subsequent case will be trimmed to the same length.

Job done. If you keep a "set up" case for each calibre you shoot (and mark it as such with permanent marker) then just skip 1) and 2) and go straight to 3).

Hope it helps!


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Not within budget, but it’s worth saving for if you can. The Giraud is probably one of, if not the best bit of reloading kit I’ve bought.

it’s a breeze to setup and use, super quick and much more accurate than the LE Wilson trimmers. I sold a Wilson to get the Giraud. It also chamfers inside and out at the same time.

coupled with the whidden click adjust die rings, the accuracy of adjusting cutting length is effortless

I got case holders made for it. The reviews on YouTube said the free floating case holder gave inconsistent results. I can’t verify that, but “solid” case holders work great.

F Class John is worth checking out if you interested
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Thanks guys! Meant to add, has no one here tried the frankford Arsenal? Too pricey compared to the alternatives? Looks pretty handy!