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Dear All,

We would like to ask that you make a brief introduction before posting on the site. We ask for this because it helps when answering your questions and replying to your posts to know a bit about you. It also encourages participation and can help to put you in touch with like minded shooters and deer stalkers. We don't need any personal details, just your rough location and, for example, an idea of the sort of shooting/stalking you do and the sort of calibres and firearms you favour. We also don't want to know about things you are selling/buying/land you're looking for/etc. We just need a personal introduction from you.

A couple of example Introductions


I'm joining the site because it popped up on a search engine about a model of rifle. I have been deer stalking for approximately 4 years. I mainly stalk near to home which is near Staffordshire where I stalk some woodland and I also rough shoot there too. I have 2 rifles, a .243 and a .308.


I'm don't deer stalk, but I saw an article on wire-haired Vizslas and decided to join. I have 3 dogs, a Labrador and 2 Vizlas and occasionally I beat for the local shoot. I'm from Somerset.

As a rule introductions are normally too sparse and tell us nothing at all, however some go too far and give away far too much information. All we need really is for you to give us a clue as to your general location, calibres used, experience etc. All in general terms, there is no need to give out specific details re: location, security and the like. We only want to know general information, not enough to break in :D.

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