08 At Amhuinnsuidhe


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The following photo was taken after one of my party had taken a nice 10 point stag with my 6.5, whilst he and the trainee Ghillie ( a girl coincidently ) dragged the beast off we carried on to recci the land ahead of us but the wind changed and knackered the whole job really. From where we stood we could hear stags roaring all over the face on the other side of the valley, it was just magical, justs goes to show that you don't have to shoot something to enjoy the stalk!

What a cracking photo!

There really is nowhere quite like Scotland, but getting a decent photo of the scenery is a real challenge. You need something in the foreground to really explain the scale of the landscape, which you've done perfectly. If only 'Stalking' magazine was still going it would be a perfect cover....

If you're a member of BDS you should send it in to one of their photo competitions.



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you cant beat the scenery over there a few years back we stayed at the castle ,while the wifes had the cookery school with rosemary schrager

beautifull hous and lovely countryside

steve hunter


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Thankyou for posting an absolutely fantastic photograph.

Is that you with the binocs or you with the Finnlight?

Also I would love to know where we are here. I love getting the map out and relating the photo to it (roughly speaking ofcourse).

Many thanks


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Hi Jon

Tis i with the Finnlight, We were on North Harris on the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate over looking a loch called Glinney which was just out of shot away down to the left, it would have been better if we'd got a little of the loch into the picture too!

Regards JT