Available: 1 place available on 9000 acre forest North Sutherland.


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A unique Opportunity has come up for the chance to join one of our more exclusive syndicate properties in NORTH SUTHERLAND, this property does not have availability on it very often and is for 1 gun only.

This property is 9000 acres, contains Red, Roe and Sika. In very good numbers

DSC1 , FAC ( with Scottish Red Deer calibre ) and Insurance to £10m a MUST

The property has 2 syndicate members on it.

This property has substantial herds of Red and Sika, and although there are protection licenses on this property for around 1000 acres of replant and clearfell it has NOT been commercially shot this year.

The property comprises of large open areas, internal hill ground and large mulchings, it also attracts large numbers of reds during various points of the year from the neighbouring estates as well as presenting some very stunning Sika heads.

Average cull for this whole property is around 40 per year but this does not reflect the amount of deer on the property, in fact recently in one day over 100 deer were spotted on the property.

There is no accommodation on site but there are a couple of Hotels within a 10 minute drive from the property.

ALL deer is to the responsibility of the gun anything shot belongs to the gun, all deer MUST be shot within season and during daytime hours using clear glass. There is No larder facilities but there is game dealers in the area.

Guests can be taken as long as only one rifle is being used and the guest is supervised by the named member.

Price of the place is £5000 plus VAT per person per year.

Call me for more information. 07415 723 492 or email david@fieldsportsscotland.com
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