Available: 10 Trophy Warthogs All included.


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Limpopo South Africa.
Airport: Johannesburg (Drive to Camp 2 hours)
Website: www.adictosacazar.com

10 Trophy Warthogs, 6 Full Hunting Days.

Price per Hunter 2.500€
Non Hunter 100€ per day.
Book with 500€ per hunter the rest on Arrival.

6 Full hunting Days: Example of Itinerary (Arrive the 1 Hunt from the 2 to 7 and leave back home the 8)
10 Trophy Warthogs.
Full Board Accommodation.
Local Drinks.
Transfer from airport to camp and return.
Transfers in hunting areas.
Hunting License.
First trophy preparation.
All Tax/Vat.
Gun Rental and Ammo.
Wi-Fi in Camp.
Daily Laundry.

Doesn’t Include:
Tours and Activity for non-Hunters.
Taxidermy or trophy shipment.
Extra Days or Animals.

*What you see is what you pay! No Hidden Fees.
*Request Trophy Price List to Add more animals to this trip.




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Can Also Add:

Blesbuck 350
Blesbuck White 500
Blue Wildebeest 750
Black Wildebeest 750
Golden Wildebeest 2.000
Buffalo 6.500 (Up to 42'')
Bushbuck 1.100
Bushpig 440
Caracal 850
Croc 3.000
Duiker Grey 300
Cape Eland 2.40
Gemsbok 1.000
Oryx Golden 1.600
Sable 2.500 (Between 42'' up to 44'')
Giraffe 2.500
Hippo 6.500
Ostrich 450
Impala 350
Impala Black 1.200
Impala White Flanked 1.200
Impala Saddleback 1.200
Klipspringer 1.000
Kudu 1.950
Lechwe Red 1.500
Nyala 1.650
Red heartbeast 900
Roan 4.500
Fallow deer 650
Reedbuck Montana 900
Reedbuck Vaal 1600
Serval 500
Springbuck 400
Springbuck Copper 800
Springbuck White 800
Steenbock 300
Tsessebe 1.700
Waterbuck 1.850
Warthog 300
Zebra 750
Liones 3.000
Lions Starting at 6.000 until 12.000


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What’s happening in SA re vaccinations and infection rates, I read in the news feeds but you guys are going to have to do lots more to get yourselves off the U.K. Red list. I speak as a man desperate to get back to SA and Namibia
Things are going to get better soon! we are getting Europe clients for the moment they just need PCR test on arrival and before departure. hope SA gets of your Red list soon and you can come to hunt in our area.
The Lucky Hunter